Why Green Light?

We are personable, we are detail oriented, and we’ll most likely end up friends!

Teachers and group leaders often say to us, "wow, I was able to relax and actually enjoy the trip- you all took care of everything!"  We will guide you through the trip planning process and we will be with your group 24-hours per day in your destination city ensuring that everyone has an awesome trip!  

We believe in all-inclusive trip packages that offer a great "bang for your buck".  Our staff is young, energetic and will be there for you.  When you are sitting on your couch two weeks before your trip and at 10pm on a Sunday night you have a burning desire to know what will be for dinner at Carmine's Restaurant in New York- shoot us a text.  You'll probably get a response right away- chicken parmesan and it's amazing!

Here are a few trip inclusions that set us apart!

  • Dedicated tour escort
  • Nighttime hotel security guard, so your chaperones can sleep!
  • Name badges and lanyards with a mini-itinerary and emergency contact phone numbers
  • A two-million dollar liability insurance policy
  • Optional individual billing
  • Traveler's insurance with coverage for trip delays, medical expenses, lost baggage and medical evacuations  

We look forward to working with you!