Taking Advantage of America’s Paradise

Posted on September 15, 2016 by Kelly Lyon

Many people dream of warm turquoise seas, white sandy beaches, and palm trees swaying in the breeze; however, many people don’t realize that this dream is possible by visiting America’s paradise: the United States Virgin Islands. The Virgin Islands are a dream destination for many. What makes this location great you ask? Cheap airfare and no passport needed!! Interested yet?

My love for the Caribbean came after I graduated college. I knew I was not ready to jump head first into a career. I was itching to see the things I had only read about in books. I sold everything I owned and booked a one-way flight to St. Thomas, that’s right a one way!

Since the purchase of the islands in 1917 the Virgin Islands have been an American paradise for thousand of visitors each year. St. Thomas has been a metropolitan area for the Caribbean since 1917. St. Croix has been a sugar cane and a major rum distributor since the 1760’s and St. John was the Rockefeller’s private paradise and many other private investors. The United States government purchased the land from these investors under the terms that the island would remain a National Park. In fact, St. John is only a 23 square foot island with 75% of it belonging to the National Park. Talk about pristine beaches and water.

The Afro- Caribbean culture is prevalent in the music and food. History is alive and well in this forgotten paradise. For the marine enthusiast; this area has one of the best marine biology schools and every water activity you can think of. The United States Virgin Islands calls to me daily, let it beckon you also.